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Herringbone Stitch Embroidery

Herringbone Stitch is a form of hand embroidery designs made by hand. It resembles herring fish bones extending from the spine so it is named herringbone stitch. The herringbone stitch is known as one of the symbolic motifs in the traditional knitted "fisherman's sweater" or Aran jumper; specifically, it exists in the channels islands of Guernsey, Filey, Jersy. The herringbone pattern represents the career's success.

How To Stitch Herringbone

  1. Create a diagonal straight stitch from bottom left to top right.
  2. Pull your needle back from the left of where you closed your first straight stitch. Then create another diagonal stitch and complete first one from top left to bottom right.
Now you have formed a herringbone. Until you make a nice row like flower leaf than only it gives a clear picture.