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Interesting History about Kasuti of Karnataka:

Karnataka Kasuti is a famous embroidery worldwide. Kasuti meaning ‘Kai’ means hand, and ‘suti’ means cotton thread. Therefore Kasuti means hand work made of cotton thread on cloth. Kasuti, an art of delicate colorful stitches which passionately expressed by women of karnarnatak in ancient days. In those olden days, kasuti was leisure time activity, grandmothers used to teach their family members, neighbors. Also, there was a custom, hindu religion bride had to wear black silk Saree with kasuti work which was known as 'Chandra Kali Saree' and this Saree border use to have Negi and MFYIurgi stitches.

Cotton thread was popular in the olden days. Now silk yarns, mercerised cotton threads with best guaranteed color are being used. Two to four strands are being used for fine work respectively. This could vary in the type of material and stitches.

Got design sample cloth from my great grandmother.

The motifs used in Kasuti are taken from mythological old stories, architectural shapes motifs like gopuras, shiva linga, nandi palanquine were well known. Apart from these various kinds of flowers, creepers, foliages, animals and birds are being used.